License to Carry: LTC

Texas License to Carry (LTC) Class – Private Class

Are you a business owner with little free time…a professional with a heavily booked schedule…a mom trying to shuffle kids to dance, sports, etc.? Let us book you for a private LTC class at your convenience. Take the class by yourself or have a spouse or friends attend with you.

The content of the course is set by the Texas Department of Public Safety, as is the course length. The classroom portion of the course includes (I) Laws That Relate to Weapons/Use of Force (II) Safe Storage (III) Non-Violent Dispute Resolution (IV) Handgun Use and Safety The length of the course is 5-1/2 hours. At the completion of the course, you will be issued the state-required LICENSE TO CARRY A HANDGUN PROFICIENCY COURSE CERTIFICATE OF TRAINING (LTC-100) which must be sent to the state.

We assist you with the application process. Targets are provided at no charge as is eye/ear protection, or you may bring your own. You pay no separate range fee.

If you do not have a handgun, you can rent one from us when you take the class. The rentals are $25 and that fee includes the 50 rounds of ammunition you will be required to fire.

Note: We do not sell ammunition. If you bring your own handgun, you will need to supply your own ammo. The state now allows the use of .22 caliber handguns for the range qualification.

The private LTC Classes can be scheduled Monday – Friday.

The fee for private LTC classes:
Class for ONE $225.00
Class for TWO or MORE $150.00 each
By Appointment
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